Jerry Helps Build a Personal Gallery


Just wanted to write to you to thank for the invaluable assistance you have provided to me over the last three years. Since we started working together to build my personal gallery, you have consistently offered me pieces that
fit my style and my desire to acquire significant surrealist works. I have found your prices to be extremely fair and the background of the artists and insight into their work and motivations to be without compare. The appraisals that you have provided have allowed me to ensure my pieces to their full market value which sets my mind at ease should the unthinkable happen. I think it was very ethical of you to provide insurance appraisals after six months of the purchase so there was no influence on the sale.

I have found our conversations about the artists and their specific pieces to be informative and helped me to appreciate the works even more. Your advice and assistance has allowed me to decorate my home and office with
truly beautiful and meaningful pieces that express my love of art and reflect my desire to be surrounded by real beauty.

It has been a distinct honor to work with a man with seemingly boundless knowledge in the field and I look forward to working with you again in the future!

Dr. Edward F. Miles
Associate Master Clinician
Radiation Oncology Dept

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