I heartily recommend Mr. Benigs for any avenue of fine art…

I’ve known Jerry Bengis since the mid 1980’s when I was the Director of the San Francisco Art Exchange. He was a source for our gallery for several artists’ works, and was an expert in the area of Salvador Dali (he still is). He was unusually gracious in his willingness to work with our gallery even when the result had nothing to do with monetary remuneration.

I should remind the reader that this was at a time when one couldn’t go on the Internet and find information on whatever artists might be the interest. This was a time when you had to depend on the scholarly experience of individuals, and Jerry Bengis was one of those gentlemen.

Our relationship has continued all these years as I’ve opened my own business and became an appraiser and an auctioneer. Jerry has done equally as well, expanding his areas of expertise to include artists like Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, and a host of other legendary fine art figures.

Of particular importance, many of the artists we both represent are unusually prone to counterfeiters operating around the world who often surface in online auction sites that have no vetting process. I wrote an article about this very subject for the Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies, and addressed the International Appraisers Convention in 2011 in an effort to rid our business of this terrible plague.

Jerry and I are constantly exchanging whatever new information we discover that can aid in this process.
I heartily recommend Mr. Bengis for any avenue of fine art which he decides to pursue.

Respectfully Submitted,
Tony Pernicone, ASA, ISA AM
Accredited Senior Appraiser, American Society of Appraisers
Accredited Member, International Society of Appraisers
Owner, Avanti Fine Arts, Dealers, Appraisers and Auctioneers

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