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Wealth, Health, Fame, and Love - Salvador Dali

Wealth, Health, Fame, and Love | Salvador Dali

Dear Jerry,

I wanted thank you for being there for me when I had Bal Harbour Gallery.

I’m particularly grateful to you because I remember a show we once had a Dali Exhibition where you were the expert. If you hadn’t come in and spotted one of the incorrect Dalis on the wall, I shudder to think what the consequences would’ve been, had we unknowingly sold it to a unsuspecting client. I’m so glad that your considerable knowledge was brought to bear and as a result of your observation we were able to take it off the floor and not sell it.

I also thank you for your expertise towards some Picasso and Chagall pieces that I bought from you in the past and I’m forever grateful for it.

Warmest regards,

Nim Vaswani

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