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Albert Field - Salvador Dali

Albert Field – Salvador Dali
Albert Field with Dali, St. Regis Hotel, c. 1969; photo ©1969 Frank J. Hunter.

Salvador Dali was a Spanish Surrealist painter as well known for his flamboyant behavior as for his artwork. Stanley Meisler wrote an article for Smithsonian Magazine in April 2005 which chronicles some of Dali’s stunts, including doing a book signing while hooked up to a machine that recorded his brain waves and blood presure.
Dali used symbolism extensively in his work, most notably soft or melting clocks symbolising the relative nature of time, eggs representing hope and love, ants meaning death and decay, elephants with phallic suggestions, snails for the human head and locusts evoking fear and waste.

Salvador Dali’s versatility as an artist is evident in the variety of media he employed including print, sculpture, theatre, fashion, photography, cinema and holography. Dali produced the symbolic dream sequence in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1945 film “Spellbound”.

A collaborative short film project Dali began in the 1940s with Disney was completed several years ago, Destino, is an animated love story. Read more about it…

Dali was dedicated in his pursuit of money, designing and collaborating on many projects from ballet sets to a now very famous sofa in the shape of actress Mae West’s lips. Born 1904. Died 1989.

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